The Centre of Economic Classifications (CEC), Inc. is an independent organization (closed corporation) established in 1992.

The major task of the CEC consists in research and development aiming to create classifications of technical, economic and social information including terminological support and expert services. This work is performed mainly under contracts with Federal Government Bodies - the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russian Federation, the Federal State Statistics Service (former Goscomstat), the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology (former Gosstandart) and some others.

Within the framework of the TACIS Statistical Classification Project RF12EU01 the Official Russian Version of the Statistical Classification of Economic Ativities in the European Community (NACE Rev.1) was developed by CEC specialists in co-operation with experts of Eurostat and with the participation of specialists from the CIC Interstate Statistical Committee (CIC-Stat) and the Statistical Institute of the Ukraine. At present the CEC keeps up business contacts with the Statistical Institutes of Germany and France.

At the national level efforts of CEC experts resulted in creation of several classifications essential for Russian statistics and for many other domains of economy. The most important are:
- Russian Classification of Economic Activities and Products (OKDP, registration code: OK 004-93);
- Russian Classification of Fixed Assets (OKOF, registration code: OK 013-94);
- Russian Classification of Measurement Units (OKEI, registration code: OK 015-94);
- Russian Classification of Economic Activities (问VED, registration code: OK 029-2001 (NACE Rev. 1));
- Russian Classification of Economic Activities (问VED, registration code: 问 029-2007 (NACE Rev. 1.1));
- Russian Classification of Products by Economic Activities (问PD, registration code: 问 034-2007 (CPA 2002)).

Directions of the CEC`s activity are:

- development and updating of classifications of technical, economic and social information;
- development of groups of interrelated economic classifications;
- implementation of classifications and their use for information systems;
- working out of correspondence tables (conversion keys) between Russian and international classifications as well as between new and old Russian classifications;
- compiling of explanatory dictionaries on terminology of economic activities, products and services;
- terminological examination of economic classifications;
- translation of international economic classifications and related documents into Russian providing lexico-semantic analysis and selection of Russian equivalents of foreign terms;
- development of information products integrating a control program with a number of relevant data files (classifications, nomenclatures, regulation and other related documents); development of other software necessary to produce new classifications, dictionaries and databases of economic and social information;
- elaboration of methodological and reference materials related to implementation of classifications in registers, information systems, data banks, etc.;
- coding of databases items according to appropriate classifications (coding by OKOF, Russian Classification of Products (OKP, registration code: OK 005-93), OKDP, etc.);
- carrying out of analyses based on the use of classifications data files;
- rendering of consultancy services to specialists in different fields of economics; these services concern scopes of Russian and international classifications, interrelations between them, characteristic features of classified objects, code structures and so on.

A separate task envisages rendering of special services to enterprises. Databases containing information on basic production assets of enterprises are analyzed and items of databases are coded by means of the Russian Classification of Fixed Assets (OKOF). Finally, depreciation periods (rates of depreciation) of basic production assets are determined in accordance with the RF Government Regulation N 1 of 01 January 2002 (concerns classifying of basic production assets and their subdivision depending on the values of depreciation periods) and the RF Government Regulation N 415 of 09 July 2002, N 697 of 18 November 2006 and 676 of 12 September 2008 (concerns amendments and additions to the Regulation N 1 of 01 January 2002).

Coding of basic production assets databases by OKOF is also realized with the purpose to reveal basic production assets free of immovable property tax (real estate tax). This job is fulfilled in accordance with the RF Government Regulation N 504 of 09 September 2002 (concerns listing of real estate objects, such as general use railways, federal highways, long-distance pipelines, communication and power lines and ancillary civil engineering works which are free of the immovable property taxation).

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