NACE Rev.2 - Описание  

Информация о Статистической классификации видов экономической деятельности в Европейском экономическом сообществе - КДЕС Ред.2 (Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community - NACE Rev.2).

Данные о документе NACE Rev.2, опубликованные на сервере - RAMON, Eurostat's Classifications Server

Full title:: Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community, Rev. 2
Abbreviation: NACE Rev. 2
Originating authority: Commission of the European Communities (Statistical Office/Eurostat)
Legal basis: Regulation (EC) No 1893/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 December 2006 establishing the statistical classification of economic activities NACE Revision 2 and amending Council Regulation (EEC) No 3037/90 as well as certain EC Regulations on specific statistical domains
Implementation date: 01.01.2008
Predecessor classification(s): NACE Rev. 1.1
Structure: Level 1: 21 sections identified by alphabetical letters A to U;
Level 2: 88 divisions identified by two-digit numerical codes (01 to 99);
Level 3: 272 groups identified by three-digit numerical codes (01.1 to 99.0);
Level 4: 615 classes identified by four-digit numerical codes (01.11 to 99.00).
Succint description: NACE Rev. 2 is the classification of economic activities corresponding to ISIC Rev. 4 at European level. Though more disaggregated than ISIC Rev. 4, NACE Rev. 2 is completely in line with it and can thus be regarded as its European version.

Since the national economic structures vary considerably, there are economic activities appearing in NACE Rev. 2 which are not of importance or do not occur in all Member States (e.g. categories referring to agriculture, mining and quarrying, manufacture of spacecraft, etc).

The NACE Rev. 2 Regulation allows the Member States to use a national version derived from NACE Rev. 2 for national purposes. Such national versions must, however, fit into the structural and hierarchical framework laid down by NACE Rev. 2.
Linked classification(s): 1) International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC);
2) Statistical Classification of Products by Activity in the European Economic Community (CPA);
3) Central Product Classification (CPC);
4) Harmonized System (HS);
5) Combined Nomenclature (CN);
6) PRODCOM List.
Usage: Activities
Main statistical applications: Development and publication of statistics according to economic activities.

1. Business Registers; 2. National and Regional Accounts; 3. Structural Business Statistics; 4. Short Term Statistics; 5. Labour Market statistics; 6. Transport, Energy and Waste statistics.
Media through which available: RAMON: Eurostat's metadata server.
Language(s): EU official languages: Bugarian, Czech; Danish; Dutch; English; Estonian; Finnish; French; German; Greek; Hungarian; Italian; Latvian; Lithuanian, Maltese; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian; Slovak; Slovene; Spanish; Swedish. Various other non-EU languages: Croatian, Norwegian, Russian, Turkish
Address of responsible agency: Statistical Office of the European Communities
Mrs Ana FRANCO LOPES (Unit DDG/02)
Tel.: + 00 352 4301 33209

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