NACE Rev.1.1 - Описание  

Информация о Статистической классификации видов экономической деятельности в Европейском экономическом сообществе - КДЕС Ред.1.1 (Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community - NACE Rev.1.1).

Данные о документе NACE Rev.1.1, опубликованные на сервере - RAMON, Eurostat's Classifications Server

Abbreviation: NACE Rev. 1.1
Succint description: NACE Rev. 1.1 is the classification of economic activities corresponding to ISIC Rev.3 at European level. Though more disaggregated than ISIC Rev.3.1, NACE Rev.1.1 is totally in line with it and can thus be regarded as its European counterpart.

Since the national economic structures vary considerably, there are branches of industry in NACE Rev. 1.1 which are not of importance or do not occur in all Member States (e.g. branches of mining and quarrying, manufacture of spacecraft, etc.).

The NACE Rev. 1.1 Regulation allows the Member States to use a national version derived from NACE Rev. 1.1 for national purposes. Such national versions must, however, fit into the structural and hierarchical framework laid down by NACE Rev. 1.1.
Full title: Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community, Rev.1.1
Originating authority: Commission of the European Communities (Statistical Office/Eurostat)
Legal basis: 1. Council of the European Communities Regulation (EEC) No. 3037/90 of 9 October 1990 (Official Journal of the European Communities No. L 293, 24.10.1990);

2. Commission Regulation (EC) No. 29/2002 of 19 December 2001 amending Council Regulation (EEC) No. 3037/90 on the statistical classification of economic activities in the European Community (Official Journal of the European Communities No. L 6, 10.1.2002, p. 3).
Implementation date: 01.01.2003
Limit of operational life: Revision foreseen for 01.01.2008
Predecessor classification(s): NACE Rev. 1
Structure: Level 1: 17 sections identified by alphabetical letters A to Q;
intermediate level: 31 sub-sections identified by two-character alphabetical codes;
Level 2: 62 divisions identified by two-digit numerical codes (01 to 99);
Level 3: 224 groups identified by three-digit numerical codes (01.1 to 99.0);
Level 4: 514 classes identified by four-digit numerical codes (01.11 to 99.00).
Linked classification(s): 1) International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities, Third Revision (ISIC Rev.3.1) - agreement in principle at two-digit (Division) level;
2) Statistical Classification of Products by Activity in the European Economic Community (CPA) - agreement in principle at four-digit (Class) level;
3) National versions of NACE Rev.1.1 (Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community);
4) General Industrial Classification of Economic Activities within the European Communities (NACE 70);
5) Central Product Classification (CPC);
6) Harmonized System (HS);
7) Combined Nomenclature (CN);
8) PRODCOM List.
Usage: Activities
Main statistical applications: 1. Business Registers; 2. National and Regional Accounts; 3. Structural Business Statistics; 4. Industrial short-Term Indicators; 5. Labour force Survey; 6. other labour statistics.
Media through which available: RAMON: Eurostat's metadata server.
Language(s): The 11 official languages of the European Communities: Danish; Dutch; English; Finnish; French; German; Greek; Italian; Portuguese; Spanish; Swedish.
Address of responsible agency: Statistical Office of the European Communities
Mrs Ana FRANCO LOPES (Unit DDG/02)
Tel.: + 00 352 4301 33209

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